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Removing health care user fee in Niger

In 2005, Niger’s President “offered his people” the removal of user fees covering ante-natal consultations, children under five years, and caesarian sections. Increased access to health facilities resulted, and many poor people benefited from this subsidy. There was, however, insufficient preparation and inadequate funding mechanisms put in place. Most health facilities were not reimbursed by the State leading to paralysis in services when facilities were unable to buy expensive drugs or lab reagents. Care was free but drugs were often missing
The film follows a Nigerien research team investigating the implementation of this policy and shows reactions by different stakeholders.

Director: Malam Saguirou
Executive producers: Dangarama Sarl Niger (+227 96 40 86 39)
Co-production: IDRC (Canada) AFD (France) LASDEL (Niger) CR CHUM (Canada)

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